Mister Mike's Pledge to You


Are you planning a Birthday Party or Special Event? I can make your event a time to remember. I can offer you and your guests...

A Dazzling Magic Show!!!

Juggling Tricks and Feats!!!

Lots of Fun Balloon Creatures!!!

Please contact me to discuss your special event, and we can put forth an option that is best for you.

Sincerely, Mike Pacyga

Mister Mike's Pledge to You

1. I will NOT try and sell you an entertainment package that is not a fit for your event. If you have an event in which everyone is mingling, then a STAGE magic show would not be the best idea. You would be better off with just balloons or walkaround pocket magic.

2. I will come prepared. I spend a considerable amount of time before each show, double and triple checking to make sure my juggling props, magic tricks, and balloon supplies are ready and set to go.

3. I will arrive at least 15 minutes early to set up my table and magic props. I will not cancel because I got a higher paying gig somewhere else. Nothing will stop me from making your event a day to remember. No more no shows or last minute cancellations. You can call me on the day of the event to confirm, if you wish, but you can count on me being there.

4. I will perform magic tricks that are fun, colorful, exciting, and age-appropriate. There will be no "mind-reading" tricks for 3 year olds. I will not use inappropriate, adult humor, around children.

5. I will make balloon animals for anyone who wants one. I will bring a photo album with pictures of all the balloon animals I can make. Kids will have an easy time deciding what they want. If a balloon pops, I will remake it. If a child arrives to the party late, I will make them a balloon. I will make balloon swords only if you approve.

6. I will perform amazing juggling tricks and feats up-close. Most child entertainers don't offer juggling. Why? Because you can't go into a magic shop and purchase it. It is a skill that I have spent my entire life developing. I do not juggle anything dangerous at kid's shows.

7. I will “tweak” my act to your specific needs. Are you having a party with a theme? Let's see what ideas we can come up with!

8. I will offer you a no hassle cancelation. If something unforeseen comes up on your end, just call me and we can cancel or reschedule. The sooner the better of course.